from humble beginnings...

Established in 2005, Physiomoves has always been renowned as a centre of excellence providing the highest quality physiotherapy and pilates exercise both for rehabilitation and fitness. Our clients range from children to seniors and everyone in between. We specialise in the rehabilitation of spinal pain, musculoskeletal and other sporting injuries as well as core stabilisation, fitness training and posture education.

Now physiomoves is proud to have established itself as an integrative health practice, expanding its range of services to include:

  • physiotherapy

  • clinical pilates

  • yoga

  • gut health 

  • lifestyle management - stress, sleep, social connections and more!

A leading-edge establishment where we can help you get relief from brain fog, bloating and back pain, to an idle mind, indigestion and inflammation and many more symptoms you may be experiencing.

Physiomoves is a unique boutique studio with a warm and welcoming ambience and a friendly atmosphere. A comfortable and private consultation room for clinical services and health coaching as well as a fully equipped Pilates studio with beautiful, new, state of the art equipment make your Pilates experience with us both effective and enjoyable.

We make sessions fun so our clients leave with a smile on their face, sweat on their brow and often, with "jelly legs"!

Physiomoves provides motivation, education and delivers results. We empower you to help yourself; to enable you to maintain good health, prevention, or reoccurrence of injury.

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