cultivating our kids...

Physiomoves is passionate about helping our children. Our school programs aim to educate our children in all aspects of their health; from nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and ideal posture to debunking myths, identifying fad diets and navigating though manipulative marketing material.

Our workshops are interactive, fun and relatable, designed to teach students easy and effective methods to assimilate health and lifestyle strategies into their lives. Our simple and sensible approach is intended to see our children thrive, perform optimally and create sustainable change.

Statistics indicate that the upcoming generation will be the first to not outlive their parents. We think this is an alarming fact. Together we can teach them improved health practices and mitigate this risk.

It is our responsibility to leave a positive and promising legacy.


an on-site oasis...

Physiomoves comes to your school!

Our trained physiotherapists and pilates practitioners are here to help.


  • pilates

  • yoga

  • meditation

  • postural education

  • strength training 

  • flexibility exercises

  • ergonomic assessments



getting students on the right track...

Our workshops cover topics such as:

  • the gut-brain connection

  • hidden sugars in food

  • elevating energy levels

  • building lean muscle tissue

  • balancing hormones

  • the critical role of sleep

  • boosting their immune system

  • the importance of good posture

  • alleviating stress

Simple solutions are delivered in a methodical and comprehensible manner.