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hands-on help

Our physiotherapists are highly qualified health professionals who work in partnership with their patients to help people get better and stay well.
We also work closely with GPs and other health clinicians to plan and manage treatment. GPs refer more patients to physiotherapists than any other healthcare profession. Using advanced techniques and evidence-based care, our physiotherapists assess, diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders.
Physiotherapy helps repair damage, reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life. Physiotherapy extends from health promotion to injury prevention, acute care, rehabilitation, maintenance of functional mobility, chronic disease management, patient and carer education and occupational health.



getting to the core of it

Pilates is a form of exercise devised over 50 years ago by Joseph Hubertus Pilates.

Although principally physical in nature, it is more than merely an exercise regime. It is a “method” based on a set of very specific principles that focus on the quality and pattern of movements and can be applied in both a rehabilitative and fitness setting.The success of Pilates lies in the application of these principles to either rehabilitate injured muscles, ligaments and/or joints, correct muscle imbalances or as part of a normal exercise program to enhance training and improve reflexes, strength and stamina.

Pilates teaches you a new way of using your body and increases self awareness, making you mindful of the way in which you move in daily activities. Many of our aches and pains are a result of years of bad posture and habits. Pilates addresses the resulting muscle imbalances, pain and dysfunction these postures and habits have caused and facilitates smooth, coordinated and correct movement patterns. Good habits and posture will then be trained and encouraged forever more!

At physiomoves we offer 1:1 (private), 1:2 (semi-private) consultations and group Pilates (1:4) sessions.

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yoga restores the soul

Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterised by using the breath to seamlessly sequence postures together.
Often described as a moving meditation, this dynamic breath-focused practice will align your body and mind, lengthen and strengthen your torso and raise a sweat!

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"All disease begins in the gut"    


​By now, you have probably heard about the importance of gut health and how it can affect many other systems and processes in your body. Our microbiome (population of gut organisms) needs to have an ideal balance of "good" vs "bad" bacteria in order to function effectively.

New evidence is constantly emerging supporting the notion that the state of your gut health is fundamental to optimal health.

By addressing the balance of the beneficial and detrimental bacteria, we can assist with:

  • optimal nutrition

  •  weight management

  •  control of cravings

  •  improvement of digestion

  •  reduction of stress

  •  improvement of mood

  • mental clarity

  • enhanced sleep

  • prevention of chronic illness​

  •     hormonal balance

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balancing zest and zen

Addressing food and gut health is only part of the equation regarding good health. Other aspects of our lives that can impact our overall health include:

  • sleep

  • stress

  • social connection

  • spirituality

  • career

  • self-care

At physiomoves, our integrative approach looks at health from a holistic perspective. Optimal health is comprised of a number of variables and like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, we assist you in putting it all together so you can feel your best physically, emotionally and  spiritually. 

Together, we will ascertain how well balanced these numerous health parameters are in your life and from there set manageable, realistic goals and make simple changes that you can implement to facilitate change. Small steps with support all the way to guide you towards the pinnacle of good health and happiness. 



getting the numbers right

Comprehensive testing is available. We can perform blood tests, stool analysis, urine tests and many more to accurately assess the state of your body. Results from these can provide vital information regarding your microbiome, nutritional status, cardiac health, inflammation and metabolism. Based on the findings, we will establish a suitable management protocol to address any dysfunction. Our treatment protocols are holistic in nature, in order to restore optimal health from all perspectives. You will be guided and supported all the way by our experienced and highly trained professionals, utilising a step-by-step approach and manageable goals.

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just some of our programs...

Our programs are unique, innovative and specifically tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives. The acronym, AIMED says it all...

A -assess

        I - implement

      M - motivate

     E - educate

                              D - deliver (results, that is!)


gut ready for this!

our 14-day great gut reset

  • 14 days is all you need

  • 2 x private consultations; initial assessment and reassessment upon completion

  • gut healing supplement

  • protocol guidelines

  • recipes

  • support via email/phone/Skype

  • recipes

  • $350

Green Goodness


the holistic one; head to toe, inside and out

  • 3 month commitment

  • 6 x private consultations, fortnightly

  • comprehensive assessment

  • highly individualised program

  • optional physiotherapy/exercise rehabilitation (claimable under physiotherapy/extras)

  • lifestyle management - sleep, stress, exercise

  • support via email/phone/Skype

  • $780

Super Health Food


for those challenged with

auto-immune issues

  • 3 month commitment

  • 6 x private consultations, fortnightly

  • comprehensive assessment

  • highly individualised program

  • specific auto-immune protocol (AIP)

  • personalised AIP guidelines

  • AIP recipes

  • optional physiotherapy/exercise rehabilitation (claimable under physiotherapy/extras)

  • lifestyle management - sleep, stress, exercise

  • support via email/phone/Skype

  • $880

Herbal Remedies
Fresh Kale

cultivating our kids...


Physiomoves is passionate about helping our children. Our school programs aim to educate our children in all aspects of their health; from nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and ideal posture to debunking myths, identifying fad diets and navigating though manipulative marketing material.

Our workshops are interactive, fun and relatable, designed to teach students easy and effective methods to assimilate health and lifestyle strategies into their lives. Our simple and sensible approach is intended to see our children thrive, perform optimally and create sustainable change.

Statistics indicate that the upcoming generation will be the first to not outlive their parents. We think this is an alarming fact. Together we can teach them improved health practices and mitigate this risk.

It is our responsibility to leave a positive and promising legacy.



an on-site oasis...

Physiomoves comes to your school!

Our trained physiotherapists and pilates practitioners are here to help.


  • pilates

  • yoga

  • meditation

  • postural education

  • strength training 

  • flexibility exercises

  • ergonomic assessments