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Mediterranean diet improves mental health

We all know the benefits of the Mediterranean diet on our cardiovascular system but a new study highlights the advantages to our mental status. Sadeghi et al recruited 3172 Iranian participants aged 18-55 to determine the effects of a Mediterranean diet on their psychological health. The findings indicated a strong adherence to the Mediterranean diet with reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression or psychological distress. In particular, higher intakes of fruit and vegetables was most successful. In contrast, participants with a higher intake of grains showed a greater prevalence of psychological concerns.

Given that around 7.3% of the global population is affected by anxiety disorders, altering the diet is an easy and practical method to modify their risk of developing these symptoms.

Sadeghi O, Keshteli AH, etal. Adherence to Mediterranean dietary pattern is inversely associated with depression, anxiety and psychological distress. Nutritional Neuroscience 2019: 1-12.

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